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Padmate's PaMu Unique Earbuds Review

The Pamu Unique are the latest Padmate true-wireless headphones, similar in design to the Pamu Scroll, but with long autonomy and a high level of customization thanks to the interchangeable leather covers. We tried them for a few weeks. Probably the name Padmate will not tell you much but, despite being on the market for just under two years, this company has almost twenty years of experience behind it as

Pamu Slide Mini - The Best Wireless Headphones with APTX

I use the first version of Pamu slide. The headphones are fantastic, they sound better than Funcl AI, which I also really liked. Apple airpods are relaxing (although fans might argue), they don’t even have such features. The Padmate team has worked with Qualcomm engineers to improve PaMu Slide’s performance. And such is the quality of the result, that we can proudly say that the chip in this headphones works

Introduce of Indiegogo's Top Selling TWS Headphones PaMu Slide

PaMu Slide headphones use Qualcomm’s flagship chip QCC3020, which has more powerful high-speed transmission efficiency. Built-in newly-developed 6mm dynamic coil speaker and composite 6 micron diaphragm, through the magnetic circuit precision calculation and professional audio adjustment, perfectly interpret the rich details of each frequency band. The headset uses dual-microphone noise reduction technology combined with CVC software algorithms to match engineering adjustments. It is equipped with dual-microphone signal separation (DMSS) DSP

PaMu Slide Mini for Every Personal Taste

The PaMu Slide true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headset launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogo last year, and received a crowdfunding amount of USD 5.95 million, more than 82,000 supporter from 156 countries, 4 new records had been made at the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms. It is one of the most anticipated Bluetooth headsets this year. So, what is the difference between PaMu Slide and the latest series PaMu Slide Mini? Let’s

Padmate PaMu Scroll: Wireless Headphones in a Chic Design

True wireless headphones already exist. The wireless version also has many advantages. The cases of the devices usually have an integrated battery and therefore have decent runtimes. The compact dimensions also play a big role. The PaMu Scroll headphones from Padmate are also stylistically flawless. Padmate’s success story started with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This literally went through the roof and became the most financed audio gear campaign on

PaMu Slide Mini TWS Headphones Promotion

PaMu Slide Mini is a wireless headphone for audiophiles, with the best sound in the wireless headphone segment! Created on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, by investing in people (read “geeks”) who were willing to pay their personal money to get the best sound, autonomy in the entire segment of wireless headphones, incorporating all their wishes and ideas, what should be this gadget! Case supports wireless charging! – The best sound

Padmate Completely Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm Chip

Moldac has launched the Padmate Tempo T5 earphones, a completely wireless earphone from Padmate. A complete wireless earphone that holds down the price by mounting only the necessary functions in a simple design housing while mounting the Qualcomm chip. The main specifications are a driver diameter of 6mm, sensitivity of 97 ± 2dB / mW, and impedance of 16Ω. The Bluetooth version is 5.0 (with LDS antenna), the supported codecs

Pamu Slide Are Wireless Headphones That Make a Real Sensation on Indiegogo

Truly wireless headphones give comfort and freedom. Especially those that we can easily put in our pockets and forget about them until we need them again. That’s what the Padmate company comes up with, offering its latest product – Pamu Slide. The scale of this product’s popularity is demonstrated by the following numbers: over 46,000 orders, almost $6 million paid into the company’s account, reaching 16,537% of the target. And

The True Wireless Headphones That Challenge the AirPods

The Padmate Pamu Slide are the new true wireless headphones designed specifically to go against the dominance of the Apple AirPods in the sector, but will they be so satisfying by requiring a total expenditure of around 60/70 euros after an incredible crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo? The first thing that catches the eye is definitely a case really cumbersome and size that you might not be able to almost take

PaMu Slide Mini: Smaller But Also Powerful

PaMu belongs to one of the ODM manufacturers in the Bluetooth headset field-Padmate. After accumulating many years of experience, Padmate has started to launch its own products. The recent PaMu Slide Mini and PaMu Slide are their works. In fact, PaMu has launched a large number of TWS products before, and each one has a design sense. I personally admire the “not following the trend”. After all, not a few