Pamu Slide: Review and Price on Indiegogo

The indecision in choosing the wireless headphones to buy is a dilemma that unites everyone a bit in this last period. There are so many models in circulation, there are those who would like to buy Apple’s Airpods and there are those who are looking for their clone, there are those who do not prefer their shape and would like to take a completely in-ear pair and without long bar. The variety that we find on the web certainly does not help us! Today, however, I would like to propose you a new product with a somewhat unusual purchase method but with a good quality both constructive and functional. The wireless headphones in question are the Pamu Slide produced by the PadMate company, which in these days is involved in a crowdfunding campaign on the well-known Indiegogo website.

What is a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo?

As I already told you, this product is currently sold in a somewhat unusual way. In fact, first of all I would like to clarify the concept of crowdfunding campaign. In very few words, crowdfunding is nothing more than a collective loan that allows the company to finance the project. In this case PadMate has chosen Indiegogo as a platform to help it raise funds to make Pamu slides.

Surely you are asking for the benefit? is that buying during the campaign on Indiegogo we can take these headphones in preview and at a lower cost than when they will be marketed at the end of the campaign. The company at the end of the campaign and the achievement of the objective set in terms of money, will start to produce and then send the product we bought, the times may be longer but sometimes it is worth the wait. In the case of Pamu Slide, they are already in production and shipping for customers who have already bought them for a while! Now that everything is clear, let’s think about the Pamu Slide.


In a very neat box we find:

  1. Pamu Slide Wireless Headphones
  2. Charging case
  3. Type-C cable
  4. 2 Types of Gommini measures s, m, l
  5. User manual

Pamu Slide: Review and Price on Indiegogo


The design of the Pamu Slide is studied in detail and on the track of the airpods. Entirely constructed in resistant plastic, black in color and weighing only 7 grams per earpiece. The headset fits perfectly into the ear canal and has an additional silicone coating to adhere more to the ear and allow greater isolation from the external environment. At the end of the bar the microphone is housed, in fact we must be careful not to make it stick to the cheek to avoid disturbing the quality of the call. Above the Pamu writing there is the touch zone for the controls and a led that lights up in white or red. In the package we find two types of rubber pads of sizes s, m, l to adapt them to all types of ears. We also find the two magnetic pins on the headset that allow recharging in the case.

As for the design of the charging case, PadMate has taken care of it in a detailed and elegant way. The name Pamu Slide derives from the houses because it has a sliding opening upwards.

Slide opening made in fabric, google home style, with the inscription pamu in relief and 4 leds that indicate its charge, very beautiful. Inside we find the 2 magnetic pins that automatically attract the headphones in the case perfectly and without paying too much attention.

Pamu Slide: Review and Price on Indiegogo

On the side we find the type-c usb port for charging and a key that, in the case version with the base that acts as a wireless powerbank, pressed twice starts the wireless charging and in turn turns it off. The wireless charging base is on the back of the case, in fact it has a flat shape to be able to rest the smartphone to recharge it. The flaw of this case is certainly the size, it is really thick, it is very uncomfortable to carry in your pocket besides the fact that personally I am a bit skeptical in the slide openings, I am always afraid to wear and any habits of passing the time to open and close the slide!

Technical Features

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, I am very surprised, PadMate, in fact, has installed a Qualcom QCC3020 chip with AptX audio codec and Bluetooth 5.0 in the earphones, this allows an advanced performance, low power consumption and a good bluetooth connection (during use never loses signal). As for the battery, the company promises 10 hours of use which I can confirm as the battery seems really infinite. The headphones have an IPX6 certification, so they are totally resistant to sweat or splashes of water. The charging case, on the other hand, has a 2000mAh battery which allows you to charge your headphones up to 5 times, I find it very convenient even though it is often but personally I prefer to carry it in my bag and have it charged for more cycles and not having to charge it continuously.


Using the Pamu Slide is really simple and affordable for everyone. Once the case is fully charged, then the 4 LEDs will stop flashing, we can remove the headphones from it. By removing the headphones from the case, the two earphones are automatically turned on and synchronized. Both will begin to flash white and red, the right earpiece will produce a “Power On” voice and both will be an audible beep, when only the right earpiece flashes red and white (as it waits for the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone ) and the left earpiece produces the voice “Connected” the two earphones are synchronized with each other.

We just have to open the smartphone’s bluetooth and look for the “Pamu Slide” item and complete the pairing. After pairing, we just have to start using the earphones and learn the touches we need to do to control the smartphone without taking the smartphone from the bag or pocket, also because the touch area of ​​the earphones responds really well.

The controls for the left earpiece are:

Start / Pause = One touch
Vocal Assistant = Two touches
Answer incoming calls = One touch
Rejecting an incoming call = Two touches
Reduce the volume = Press and hold

The controls for the right earpiece are:

Start / Pause = One touch
Next Track = Two touches
Answer incoming calls = One touch
Rejecting an incoming call = Two touches
Increase the volume = Press and hold

We can also use only one earphone if we want for greater comfort. Once you have finished using the Pamu Slide, inserting them into the case will turn themselves off and begin the charge indicated by the red red that will turn off when charging is complete.

As for the use of the case as a portable wireless charger for smartphones, first of all we have to say that at the time of purchase we must choose the Pamu Slide with this option and the price changes by $ 20, below I leave you the links to the purchase of both the versions. As for the use instead if you buy the wireless charging version is very simple, just press the button on the back twice and rest the smartphone with wireless charging on the case, it will start charging the smartphone. Being a case with a 2000mAh battery, the smartphone will recharge very little, in fact I find it a somewhat useless option.


As we have already said before, the Pamu Slides can currently be purchased on Indiegogo. The price on Indiegogo is $ 49, the version without wireless recharge and $ 69 the version with wireless recharge. My advice is to buy them now at this price, also because the campaign ends on July 7th and the price when they are put on the market will increase by more than double and then it won’t be worth it.


These Pamu Slides have satisfied me in almost all points except for the case often and for some disturbance on call when we are outside. For the rest good autonomy, good construction and above all good price for a pair of earphones with these characteristics.