How to make your own nail polish remover? DIY recipe

Nail polish remover is an essential product for cleaning nail polish residue. But industrial solvents contain aggressive products, in addition to requiring a significant budget. A healthier and more ecological alternative is to make your own nail polish remover. In this guide, Maryton nail supply will give you how to make your own nail polish remover.

For the most part, nail polish removers sold ready to use are a clever mixture of a multitude of ingredients.

Many of them contain acetone in their components. This is a degreasing product that will dissolve nail polish. But the surface layer of the nail can also be attacked by this product. In particular, the nail can dry out and become fragile. Acetone also gives the nail polish remover its characteristic strong, diffuse and even unpleasant odor.

Acetone-free nail polish removers are designed with ethyl acetate, which is less aggressive but which is also not neutral for the fatty layer that protects the nail.

However, it is possible to make your own nail polish remover with just a few common products. DIY nail polish remover is then more ecological, more natural, healthier and much less expensive.

Making your own natural homemade nail polish remover: the recipe

We offer you a DIY recipe for natural nail polish remover, based on just two ingredients: lemon and white vinegar.

These products, which are definitely essential in our cupboards, have the advantage of being natural and very economical.

Both have an acid PH. It is this acidity which will take off the layer of nail polish.

Simply mix the juice of half a lemon with a few spoonfuls of white vinegar in a container. Then, you should immerse your nails for about a quarter of an hour in this homemade preparation. The nail polish will be gone in this time. If, however, varnish residue persists, dislodge them with a wooden stick.

By combining the citric acid of lemon and the acidity of white vinegar, the formula acts quickly. Very effective, it can tackle matte or shiny, satin, pearly or glittery varnishes, on natural nails or false nails…

The nails appear natural without varnish, but also shiny and cleaned. Your nails will also be whitened by the action of lemon juice. In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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