What is gel nail manicure?

As we all know, there are so many nail arts to choose in nowadays. French manicure, Russian manicure, Baby Boomer manicure…But what is gel nail manicure? Through this article, Maryton nail supply will explain what is gel nail manicure to you. Just keep reading!

Gel nail manicure is a nail technique which consists of applying superimposed layers of gel to natural nails. Very fluid, this liquid is applied exactly like a classic varnish, but with the particularity of only hardening under a UV/LED lamp. The gel technique is now very widespread and you can install false gel nails.

Nail inspection and preparation

To begin, you must define your needs, desires and tastes by carefully examining your natural nails. This is the first step, very important to define the desired result: either a strengthening of your nails, or an extension also called extension. This phase allows you to know which instruments and manicure kits to use for a tailor-made manicure.

Next, the natural nails are primed by careful cleaning with soapy water and a disinfectant solution. The preparation stage continues with the very low cutting of the nails which are also filed and polished. To improve the hold of the gel and optimize the result, the cuticles must be removed using a cuticle pusher.

Applying the gel and finishing

The gel is placed directly on the nail without the prior use of a “primer” as is the case when using resin. A minimum of three layers are required to have a visible result. Each layer is catalyzed under the UV lamp before applying a new layer. In the case of an extension, capsules or templates are first placed on the client’s fingers before extending the layers of gel.

Finishing is the last step which consists of filing the hardened gel to give it the desired shape (square, round, triangular). This is where French manicure and Nail Art become truly creative work. Simple, semi-permanent varnish or even a finishing gel are also applied at the client’s discretion. For a successful finish, it takes one to two hours depending on the degree of fantasy.

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