PaMu Earbuds Without Any Loss of Style

Engaging audio signed Padmate, but especially ear-in earphones glued to the ear.

Beautiful, almost certainly yes. Elegant, with the exception of a few design hazards, too. On the actual practicality of the ear-in earphones, in practice those totally wireless grown on the AirPod wave, you could instead start discussing. Before entering into the merits of sound quality, in fact, to imagine that the individual elements remain firmly inserted in the respective ear is too often only a mirage. At best, a nuisance. More realistically, the danger of leaving a few pieces on the street.

Despite this, the idea remains valid and like all the innovations destined to overturn consolidated habits, it needs only the right break-in. This was the focus of all Padmate. PaMu X13 is the project intending to find an ear-in solution without compromising audio quality and reliability, even during the most demanding use, starting from the sport.

Judging by the success of the IndieGoGo, an accomplished mission. To see it closely though, it will be necessary to wait a few more weeks, even if the quantity of pre-orders has reached such volumes as to bring the launch price up to a very interesting figure of 29 dollars, plus 7 dollars for delivery in Italy. Once the initial stock is exhausted, the standard list instead provides for 109 dollars.

Without fear of confronting Apple, Samsung and Bose, the designers are convinced they have found the ideal solution. Taking advantage of seventeen years of Padmate experience in the audio sector at the service of the main brands, every detail is personally taken care of by professionals.

The crux of the entire system is the design, not in terms of appearance, but in order to have the guarantee that the earphones can remain firmly inside the pavilion. The careful study of each curve, the balancing of the components and a series of different sized pads also with regard to the anchor fin, ensure the result.

Stability also contributes to a miniaturization pushed to the extreme, while managing to integrate 10 mm speakers and relative electronics, including batteries.

Another fundamental aspect, the destination of use. Designed to accompany sport, resistance to water and weather must be absolute. Another unusual aspect taken care of by the design, in order to prevent water from accumulating around the earphones.

Of course, the other functions of the case are not missing. By pressing the perfectly integrated button you can receive calls, or recall the last number.