Nail Arts

Gel nails: why is this the best solution?

Are you ashamed to show your hands? Do you think your nails are not long enough? Never be ashamed to show off your pretty hands again. With gel nails, opt for the best material and create fantastic looking nails; nails that suit you. Today, nails supply expert will explain to you why gel nails are the best solution. Gel is the most beautiful material The most important thing when applying false nails

Nail creation: the different nail modeling

There are two main nail modeling techniques: resin modeling and gel modeling. These modelings can be carried out on different supports. These two techniques are used on natural nails, templates (papers and supports for nail extensions), or even on capsules (false nails). These techniques allow women to camouflage bitten or damaged nails and thus display beautifully manicured nails in all circumstances! False nails and caps The installation of capsules is

What is the nail detox cure?

The colorful torture instruments we use for our manicures, polishes and nail extensions are filled with harsh chemicals that weaken our resilient keratin layer. So, what to do? Experts have an answer: a detox cure for nails. However, what is the nail detox cure? Keep reading, Maryton Nail Supply will give you answers. In the beautiful world of manicures, every polish are our beloved nails. Yes, these hard, but fragile, keratin

How to remove semi-permanent varnish by filing it?

Semi-permanent varnish is a quick, durable process and can easily last 3 weeks. For its removal, in addition to using cosmetic acetone or remover, you can also file with a file or an electric nail drill. Today, this guide will tell you how to remove semi-permanent varnish by filing it. This technique requires a lot of vigilance because the risk of damaging the nails is greater! Filing the natural nail too

Steps for installing stencil resin

Laying in stencil resin is a popular method in the field of nail beauty. This technique allows you to obtain long, strong and beautifully shaped nails. In this article, we will explore the steps of stencil resin application. Just keep reading! Here are the steps for installing stencil resin: Preparation:Invest in a professional manicure kit to clean, file and degrease your nails for better adhesion. Applying the stencil: Place the stencil

How to check the compatibility of gels with the nail dryer machine?

Semi-permanent varnishes and nail gels are those that can be dried and cured by UV and LED lamps. However, not all products are compatible with all machines. This is because nail lamps do not all have the same power. In this article, Maryton nail supply will tell you how to check the compatibility of gels with the nail dryer machine. Some varnishes are designed to cure under LEDs, but not all do. Some

Some additional tips for successful nail care

Carrying out your nail treatment at home is an excellent alternative to beauty salons. Not only does this save money, but it also offers an opportunity to take care of your hands during your beauty routine, from the comfort of home. In this article, Maryton nail supply will give you some tips for successful nail care! First, we need to know the benefits of doing nail care at home. Opting for home care means

Mistakes you shouldn’t make when using nail buffers

The nail buffer can allow you to take care of your nails naturally if you know how to use it well. But sometimes some errors occur. In this article, Maryton nail supply will show you the mistakes you shouldn’t make when using nail buffers. The most common mistake is to use the same side for all actions: file, polish, smooth, shine. The usefulness of the polisher is to be able to carry out

How to make your own nail polish remover? DIY recipe

Nail polish remover is an essential product for cleaning nail polish residue. But industrial solvents contain aggressive products, in addition to requiring a significant budget. A healthier and more ecological alternative is to make your own nail polish remover. In this guide, Maryton nail supply will give you how to make your own nail polish remover. For the most part, nail polish removers sold ready to use are a clever mixture of

What is gel nail manicure?

As we all know, there are so many nail arts to choose in nowadays. French manicure, Russian manicure, Baby Boomer manicure…But what is gel nail manicure? Through this article, Maryton nail supply will explain what is gel nail manicure to you. Just keep reading! Gel nail manicure is a nail technique which consists of applying superimposed layers of gel to natural nails. Very fluid, this liquid is applied exactly like