Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro Review

And here we come to the review of the Mi Air, Xiaomi’s true flagship truly wireless headphones, after trying the smaller AirDots.

Compared to the AirDots, the Mi Airs totally change in the design that incorporates that of the AirPods with their elongated shape, but this format here has forced a case too thick for my taste, in my pocket it bothers. Another small defect concerns then the ease of extraction from the case, having the rounding on the upper part, it becomes very complicated to pull them out.

On the bottom of the headphone we find the microphone and the pins for recharging, while on the upper part we find another microphone dedicated to the suppression of noises, since they are equipped with noise cancellation. And then we obviously find proximity sensors and touch surfaces to give commands.

How are they? I would say well not very well, because having only the rubber ring in the ear, they have nothing that fits perfectly in the groove. They do not fall, but if you do physical activity it is likely to happen.

The field test in call did not go very well, often the audio is quite metallic but it liked the stability of the bluetooth, although it is only 4.2, they have never had problems of disconnection and have the possibility to go both in stereo and mono.

If you’re in mono I suggest you use the left, because that’s where you can call Google Assistant and then be able to do pretty much everything, except adjust the volume, command missing.

But how does noise cancellation work? Just plug for about 3 seconds, until a little Chinese voice confirms activation. Works well? Let’s say that it suppresses a 20/30%, but the option to amplify the environmental noises is missing, which come in handy when we walk on the street and we have to be careful about cars.

The noise suppression can be used only when listening to music or when we do not listen to anything, the possibility of using it during the call is missing.

But how do they sound? Certainly better than the Pamu Scrolls, better than the TicPods and the very many, but a step below the AirPods and the Galaxy Buds.

Another small flaw that I did not like regards the delay in the videos, it is minimal but still annoying.

100 euros the price, one of the few products of Xiaomi that does not have a good value for money. They don’t sound bad, but for a few euros more you can buy the Galaxy Buds, otherwise I would go to the AirDots which are certainly cheaper.