How to remove semi-permanent varnish by filing it?

Semi-permanent varnish is a quick, durable process and can easily last 3 weeks. For its removal, in addition to using cosmetic acetone or remover, you can also file with a file or an electric nail drill. Today, this guide will tell you how to remove semi-permanent varnish by filing it.

This technique requires a lot of vigilance because the risk of damaging the nails is greater! Filing the natural nail too much removes the keratin which can lead to thinner, brittle nails and, in some cases, excessive filing can cause serious infections.

If you still choose this technique you can use a soft professional file with 180/240 grit or a nail drill with a special permanent varnish tip.

We remind you that the use of the nail drill machine is reserved for people with training and good command of the device. You must use regular, light movements so as not to damage or weaken the natural nail plate and not to create irregularities. With the nail drill use a low rotation speed to better control your movements and the pressure on the nail.

Finish by passing the buffing block over the nails to even out the natural nails.

Whether you opt to remove the varnish with a file or a sander, under no circumstances should the nail be filed. If you feel a warming sensation, it’s already too late!

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