The New Wireless and Water-resistant PaMu X13 Earbuds

A new player in the world of wireless headphones competes with Apple’s AirPods and Jabra Elite Sport. These newcomers are called PaMu X13 and announce themselves as powerful wireless headphones.

The PaMu X13 headphones are part of these fully wireless earphones also called “EarBuds”. Earphones that could be translated as “earplugs”. In fact, the peculiarity of PaMu is that they compete directly with Apple AirPods, Jabra Elite Sport. Or the Samsung Gear Icon X.

The New Wireless and Water-resistant PaMu X13 Earbuds

The PaMu earphones have been designed by the Padmate team. With these new headphones, the brand hopes to seduce the public and offer a more interesting alternative to its competitors. Thus, the brand that is now a fundraiser on the IndieGogo website shows a comparison between the different features that headphones offer compared to the competition.

Earphones that have something to seduce on paper.

So, we find that the PaMu headphones offer 10 mm dynamic speakers. Furthermore, the PaMu x13 headphones feature a noise reduction function and a touch function.

In terms of autonomy, the brand announces about 12 hours for a full charge. The transport case also acts as a charging base and therefore allows several headphone refills.

The connection to your audio source will be via a Bluetooth connection.