You Will Never Believe How Cold This MongDa Wireless Charger Is

MongDa is perhaps not such a widespread brand but it is not a coincidence. We are talking about a startup part of Harda Group, which also includes the successful startup Padmate which has created the PaMu Scroll true wireless headphones. MongDa has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the financing of its new and advanced wireless charger capable of keeping smartphones cool and not waking you up at night.

It is not easy to explain why one wireless charger is better than another. The important thing is that they load the devices, right? Wrong, there are really many variables to consider. Among these we have temperature, noise, charging speed and the safety of the charger and much more.

MongDa wanted to try to find a solution to most of the common problems of the most common wireless chargers and this accessory with a remarkable quality / price ratio (at least for now) is the result.

Summer is approaching and even the smartphone deserves some fresh air

One of the main problems of wireless charging is heat dissipation. Normally after a long period of wireless charging, smartphones tend to heat up, MongDa has therefore included in its charger a smart cooling system able to guarantee a fast charge without slowing down caused by high temperature.

Usually, heat problems are attributable to high recharging speeds. In this case, it is not the classic 5W slow wireless charger, MongDa promises to support up to 10W of fast wireless charging. The charging speed will be kept maximum throughout the process thanks to intelligent temperature control.

You Will Never Believe How Cold This MongDa Wireless Charger Is

The system includes a CNC aluminum plate with high thermal conductivity designed to keep the smartphone’s temperature below 29 ° centigrade to safeguard battery integrity. The plate is constantly cooled and kept at about 5 ° C to cool the smartphone body and consequently the internal components.

It really does have a strange effect to pick up the smartphone again after letting it charge for a few minutes, especially if the smartphone is ceramic like Galaxy S10 + or Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

You will sleep soundly

The charger also has an aeration system equipped with a fan for better dissipation of excess heat. Don’t be scared by the presence of this fan. The MongDa charger is able, thanks to an ambient light sensor, to understand when it is in a dark environment and adjust the fan speed accordingly. If you decide to use it on your nightstand for charging your smartphone at night, you will certainly not be kept awake by an annoying background hum.

If this were not enough, the wireless charging station has advanced security systems that can act immediately by disconnecting the power and interrupting the charge in case of abnormal temperatures. This avoids damage to the charger, the smartphone and of course everything around them.

It is also able to detect the presence of foreign and dangerous metal objects between the charger and the phone. The smart MongDa charger is able to recharge the smartphone up to a distance of 8mm and with covers up to 4mm thick.

Output and price

The new MongDa accessory is already available for purchase and is available on Indiegogo for the launch price of 26 euros with free shipping worldwide. Will you be tempted by this interesting accessory?