Gel nails: why is this the best solution?

Are you ashamed to show your hands? Do you think your nails are not long enough? Never be ashamed to show off your pretty hands again. With gel nails, opt for the best material and create fantastic looking nails; nails that suit you. Today, nails supply expert will explain to you why gel nails are the best solution.

Gel is the most beautiful material

The most important thing when applying false nails is the final result. What we don’t want is for someone to be able to see from a hundred meters away that our nails are fake. To combat this “OCD effect”, gel is the best material. Very close to the natural result, the gel also ensures a sensation approaching the natural nail.

In addition, the gel nail will allow you to apply the most artistic designs with maximum shine. The result will therefore be incomparable compared to other materials. Its lifespan is also excellent. Your gel nails will last three weeks without any problem.

You understand that for three weeks your natural nails will continue to grow. This is where the filling technique comes in.

How to practice the filling technique?

As your natural nails continue to grow, a difference in level will begin to appear at the cuticle level. This difference in level being visible, it will be necessary to fill this part. How to do?

You will then need to go back to your manicurist. Your manicurist will use professional manicure supplies to file your natural nail as close as possible to the cuticle and she will apply a new layer of gel to match the first.

This technique is preferred as long as your gel nails do not show signs of peeling. Which means they can still fit on your natural nails.

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