PaMu X13

True Wireless Padmate Headset Pamu X13

In the current technological era, everything is booming, wireless headphones are increasingly dominant in the accessories market. Understanding that, Padmate has produced a wireless headset with outstanding advantages, which is the Padmate Pamu X13 bluetooth headset. The outside of the Padmate Pamu X13 headset is simple boxed but still doesn’t lose certainty and safety. The image of the headset is printed on the outside, inside the box including the headset,

Padmate In-ear Wireless Headphone X13

Padmate pamu x13 is a true wireless type headset without distractions. Comes with the built-in charger and can use auto pairing to connect immediately when removed from the case. Can use the case to charge the headset about 2 hours to fully battery. It can be used for listening to music for about 3.5 hours or 4.5 hours on the phone. And the standby can be more than 80 hours.

The New Wireless and Water-resistant PaMu X13 Earbuds

A new player in the world of wireless headphones competes with Apple’s AirPods and Jabra Elite Sport. These newcomers are called PaMu X13 and announce themselves as powerful wireless headphones. The PaMu X13 headphones are part of these fully wireless earphones also called “EarBuds”. Earphones that could be translated as “earplugs”. In fact, the peculiarity of PaMu is that they compete directly with Apple AirPods, Jabra Elite Sport. Or the

PaMu Earbuds Without Any Loss of Style

Engaging audio signed Padmate, but especially ear-in earphones glued to the ear. Beautiful, almost certainly yes. Elegant, with the exception of a few design hazards, too. On the actual practicality of the ear-in earphones, in practice those totally wireless grown on the AirPod wave, you could instead start discussing. Before entering into the merits of sound quality, in fact, to imagine that the individual elements remain firmly inserted in the