Nail prosthetist: how to choose your lamp?

The equipment of the nail technician is essential to carry out quality work. The nail lamp is one of the essential tools of the nail stylist. What is his role ? How to choose the right UV or LED lamp? The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article.

Which lamp for the nail prosthetist?

The nail lamp is a device used by the nail technician to catalyze the gel or the resin of the false nails and to dry the semi-permanent varnish or the nail art. Thanks to ultraviolet rays or light-emitting diodes, the lamp allows the gel to harden or the semi-permanent varnish to be dry in record time. In addition, toenails and fingernails can be slipped into the device.

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How to know if it is a UV or LED lamp?

A UV lamp uses ultraviolet able to catalyze the reaction in about 120 seconds. The main drawback is that this type of equipment cannot only catalyze gels or products that dry under UV. As for the professional LED lamp, it uses light-emitting diodes and makes it possible to catalyze LED gels or semi-permanent varnishes which harden under these specific rays. The advantage of this machine is the drying time which is faster than for a UV lamp. LED lamps are more expensive to purchase, but have a much longer lifespan than UV ones. Moreover, you have a third choice: the UV/LED lamp. There is now this type of equipment that is compatible with all types of products.

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What is the best nail lamp?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing your nail lamp. If you exercise at home, it is better to buy a light and compact device that is easy to carry and has a sufficiently long electric cord. Finally, you must choose a professional UV or LED lamp that complies with European standards in order to work in complete safety and to benefit from a guarantee after purchase.

OK! Now you know everything about your nail lamp, bring your manicure kit and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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