Manicure kit

Trendy manicure kits for a wedding in 2022

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the grand wedding tide is about to begin! As a nail professional, you must have the proper manicure sets for this manicure work. Here is a short guide to recommended manicure kit. Keep reading! The tools needed to prepare the nails A cuticle pusher to take off and push back the flesh; Professional files of different grits (100/180) to file the nails; A buffing blockto polish the nail; A

How to remove acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are bonded to natural nails, so the very thought of trying to remove them can feel like having to painfully remove them. Luckily, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you how to remove acrylic nails today. Using acetone nail polish remover to remove acrylic nails is a time-consuming, painless process. Pour enough acetone remover into a bowl to cover your nails and soak your fingers for 10 minutes. If there

Which nail drill to choose?

In aesthetics, the nails also require regular care. Among the various instruments used, the nail drill is essential. In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you some tips for choosing a nail drill that suits you perfectly. A nail drill is a variable sized instrument commonly used in pedicures/manicures to prepare nails. When used in the rules of the art, the drill can polish the nails. It is also used to make the nails the ideal

What causes unhealthy nails?

Poor health can lead to abnormal nail growth. Do you know what causes unhealthy nails? In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you answers. Keep reading! Here are some common nail growth issues: Color changes Changes in thickness or shape Separation of the nail from the surrounding skin Bleeding Swelling or pain around the nails Slow nail growth is due to age, but it can also be a

Differences between semi-permanent varnishes and classic varnishes

The advent of semi-permanent varnishes completely changed the world of fashion. But what is it exactly? Is semi-permanent varnish a miracle solution? Find the answers to these questions in the lines below with your nail supply expert Maryton. Compared to classic varnish, semi-permanent varnish is different in a few points: – A long-lasting varnish with drying under LED The semi-permanent varnish stays on your nails without flaking for 12 to 15 days.

Is gel nails harmless?

The question that comes up most often, when we talk about gel nails. Like each installation of false nails, you can always have risks, because the natural nail is fragile. However, if you follow professional advice, there is no reason for your installation to go bad. In addition, it is important to note that the products used for the installation of your nails are increasingly suitable to allow a safe

Which accessories for nail art stamping?

Are you interested in nail art stamping and do you absolutely have to try this technique? Do you know what accessories you need? This blog post will tell you the answer. Keep reading! Here is the list of all the accessories you will need: The varnishes of your choice. The silicone stamping stamp. The patterns on the metal plate. The scraper to remove the excess varnish on the metal plate. We

Baby boomer: the 2022 french manicure for the nails

New darling of nail art enthusiasts, the baby boomer promises you a manicure that is both elegant and soberly original. Curious to know more? This new technique offers a refined gradient to our nails, from pink to white, like a delicate tie and dye that we never tire of. To highlight this gradient, it will of course be preferable to make a baby boomer on rather long nails, even very long,

The tips for perfect manicure

If you are a fan of manicures, we can offer you the following tips: Always apply a protective base, two coats of varnish and a top coat, choosing the most natural formulas possible Let your nails breathe between 2 manicures,because the keratin which composes it and allows its growth hardens in the open air Give your nails a nail detox To gently push back nail cuticles, the ideal time is

How to make a two-tone manicure?

Have you ever heard of a two-tone manicure? Do you know how to make a colorful and trendy manicure? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you how to make an easy two-tone nail art.  1. Nail art preparation File your nails so that they are short and rounded. Don’t forget to push back your cuticles! After applying a layer of transparent varnish as a base, gently place a thin adhesive strip