How to have successful nails?

Nail art allows you to sublimate your nails, while adopting a unique beauty of hands. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you some pro tips for successful nail art!

Tip 1: prepare your nails before a nail art session

Indeed, nail art is never done on a bare nail: you must provide a solid base, which can take the form of false nails in gel or semi-permanent varnish. It is also possible to treat and prepare your nails with a Russian manicure before doing your nail art at home: this technique will facilitate the application of varnish or gel, then decorations.

Tip 2: get the right equipment for a successful nail art

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Different nail art techniques require a variety of tools and accessories. From base varnish to cuticle pusher, brushes and files, you will need to have the professional manicure products to make your nail art a success at home.

Tip 3: start with an accent nail before going big

Achieving flawless nail art takes a lot of practice and patience. Above all, don’t let yourself be discouraged by the difficulties you may experience during your first sessions!

The ideal: start with an accent nail, which consists of decorating only one nail per hand. This method has several advantages: it will allow you to perfect your nail art without being discouraged, but also to test several styles to find the one that suits you best.

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