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The different pliers for doing nails

A nail technician must have very specific equipment, including pliers. In fact, there are a multitude of them on the market and it can be difficult to navigate. The nail supply expert Maryton gives you a quick summary of the essential pliers for making impeccable false nails. Guillotine pliers This accessory allows the capsules to be cut to the right length without splitting them when applying false nails, so it is

What is a nail drill bit?

Nail drills owe their origin to sanders that were used to work various hard materials like wood, plastic or metals. It can perform several functions, because it comes with bits that you can change as you wish. Today, this article will introduce the nail drill bit to you. A nail drill bit is made up of two main sections adjacent to each other. On one side we have the rod. This is

What aspects should I pay attention to when using the electric nail files?

Once upon a time, high power meant high performance in power tools, such as electric nail files. Nowadays, however, consumers tend to want low wattage. The higher the power, the higher the electricity costs. A very remarkable appearance, especially if the machine is to operate in continuous operation! Power is therefore not an indicator of high performance. We recommend: Pay attention to the number of revolutions (rpm). With a top speed of 30,000

How to make Baby Boomer nails?

In fact, there are several ways to do Baby Boomer nails. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to make Baby Boomer nails in this article. Here are some techniques: On natural nails in semi-permanent varnish: 1. After pushing back the cuticles and filing the nails to give them the desired shape. 2. Apply two coats of basecoat on all nails. Then degrease the nails. 3. Apply a small

The different types of permanent varnishes

Permanent nail polish has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent times with the arrival of new 3-in-1 formulas. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the different types of permanent varnishes. The traditional permanent varnish The traditional permanent nail polish offers an effective alternative to false nails by offering impeccable hold for up to 3 weeks. The product is characterized by a soluble acrylic gel formula, barely thicker than a

The different techniques of Nail Art designs

The incredible palette of colors and textures offered by UV gels and acrylic paint makes it possible to create all kinds of nail decorations. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you two different techniques of Nail Art designs! Watercolor The watercolor Nail Art technique consists of making drawings on the nail with watercolor paint in a tube or bucket. The “watercolor” effect and result is created by the paint, which,

The water marble nail trend

Water marble, which can literally be translated as “marbled in water”, is one of the most famous nail art techniques. Water marble consists of placing drops of varnish in water so that they float on the surface and form concentric circles. Everyone has a choice as to the number of circles. To succeed in this nail art, you must have at least two colors of varnish. The choice of varnishes

How to have successful nails?

Nail art allows you to sublimate your nails, while adopting a unique beauty of hands. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you some pro tips for successful nail art! Tip 1: prepare your nails before a nail art session Indeed, nail art is never done on a bare nail: you must provide a solid base, which can take the form of false nails in gel or semi-permanent