Nail care

What is the nail detox cure?

The colorful torture instruments we use for our manicures, polishes and nail extensions are filled with harsh chemicals that weaken our resilient keratin layer. So, what to do? Experts have an answer: a detox cure for nails. However, what is the nail detox cure? Keep reading, Maryton Nail Supply will give you answers. In the beautiful world of manicures, every polish are our beloved nails. Yes, these hard, but fragile, keratin

How to make your own nail polish remover? DIY recipe

Nail polish remover is an essential product for cleaning nail polish residue. But industrial solvents contain aggressive products, in addition to requiring a significant budget. A healthier and more ecological alternative is to make your own nail polish remover. In this guide, Maryton nail supply will give you how to make your own nail polish remover. For the most part, nail polish removers sold ready to use are a clever mixture of

How to take care of your nails during pregnancy?

Although semi-permanent varnish is not recommended for a pregnant woman, she can still take care of her nails. The only condition: pay attention to the ingredients contained in the products. But if they have a healthy composition, suitable for pregnancy, it is possible to use them. Keep reading, the nail expert Maryton will tell you how to take care of your nails during pregnancy! Here is an example of a hand and nail care routine

Brittle and damaged nails: strengthen your nails with vegetable oils

Brittle, damaged, splitting nails make life difficult for us and it is difficult to obtain pretty manicures with weakened nails. This is where vegetable oils come into play! Nourishing, hydrating, repairing and strengthening, they care for our nails and help keep them in excellent health. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you 4 vegetable oils which are real allies for our nails. Castor oil : Well known

How to remove your nail polish?

To remove your semi-permanent nail polish like a professional, here are a few steps to follow: Sand your nails lightly with an electric nail drill to remove the top coat and allow the remover to penetrate the color layer(s). Two options are available to you: – Cut out small squares of cellulose beforehand; soak them in remover and hold it all around your fingers for about 15 minutes. – Get

How to make homemade false nail glue?

To ensure better hold of your glue-on false nails, do you prefer to use glue for a longer duration? You actually have the possibility of making homemade false nail glue. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to make homemade false nail glue. This solution allows you to bypass the use of a product that contains chemical components that risk harming the health of your nails. It is

5 actions to adopt for the good of your nails

Our nails are sometimes subjected to many attacks which can put them in a very bad state. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will share with you 5 valuable tips, actions to adopt without hesitation to limit attacks on your nails and thus protect them. 1.Systematically apply a base to your nails Before applying your varnish, don’t forget to apply a base. This will prevent the varnish from attacking

What are the characteristics of a rubber base?

  Rubber base has a thicker consistency than regular base coats. It provides better adhesion to the natural nail plate and reduces the risk of detachment, chipping or breakage of artificial nails. A rubber base coat is therefore ideal for people whose nails are fragile and brittle. It protects your nails from damage and makes your artificial nails last longer. A rubber base coat has a thick consistency, which sets it apart

5 reasons to use a base coat

We will never repeat it enough but the key to a perfect manicure is to respect the entire application protocol from the base to the top coat. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you 5 reasons to use a base coat. Keep reading! The base coat increases the hold of your nail polish This will allow a better grip of the varnish. The base will help smooth and

The advantages of a natural stone nail file

As we can see, when you walk into any nail product store and you will be amazed at the variety of nail files. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will show you the advantages of a natural stone nail file. 1. The nail file is zero waste Made from natural stone, it consists of a 100% natural material! On the packaging side: zero plastic, only recyclable. 2. It will last