Nail care

Is gel nails harmless?

The question that comes up most often, when we talk about gel nails. Like each installation of false nails, you can always have risks, because the natural nail is fragile. However, if you follow professional advice, there is no reason for your installation to go bad. In addition, it is important to note that the products used for the installation of your nails are increasingly suitable to allow a safe

How to Remove Semi-permanent Nail Polish?

The process of removing the semi-permanent nail polish is very simple. Thanks to the oils applied to protect the cuticles of the nail, this will not damage it during the process of removing the semi-permanent manicure. First, pure acetone will be applied to a cotton ball and placed on the nail. On top it is necessary to wrap the tip of the finger in foil and leave for a quarter of

The tips for perfect manicure

If you are a fan of manicures, we can offer you the following tips: Always apply a protective base, two coats of varnish and a top coat, choosing the most natural formulas possible Let your nails breathe between 2 manicures,because the keratin which composes it and allows its growth hardens in the open air Give your nails a nail detox To gently push back nail cuticles, the ideal time is

Tips for fight against dry hands in winter

With the temperature drops, winter seems to be on its way. Do you know how to care for your hands? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you all the tips for finding healthy and soft hands. Don’t forget to wear gloves! Protect your hands during the winter by investing in a pair of gloves. This is advice to follow even at home, making sure to wear rubber

How to have successful nails?

Nail art allows you to sublimate your nails, while adopting a unique beauty of hands. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you some pro tips for successful nail art! Tip 1: prepare your nails before a nail art session Indeed, nail art is never done on a bare nail: you must provide a solid base, which can take the form of false nails in gel or semi-permanent

How to remove your semi-permanent varnish?

Semi-permanent varnish is easy to use and can last for two weeks. But inevitably, your nails grow back, and whitish spots appear at the base of the nail. It’s time to remove your semi-permanent varnish. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you 2 steps that will allow you to remove your semi-permanent varnish. Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials To remove your semi-permanent varnish, you will need: Nail polish remover with acetone,

How to take care of your nails during your life?

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty. However, they are always plagued by heavy work, it difficult to take time to a beauty salon to maintain their nails. Considering this, our Maryton gives 4 tips to manicure enthusiasts, which can help them continue to take care of their hands and nails at home. Daily hydration To take care of your hands at home, the ideal is to moisturize them everyday.