What is the minimum age to wear false nails?

If there is a part of the population for which false nails are not recommended, it is teenagers (under 16). Indeed, if you decide to go to an institute to ask to have false nails applied, the nail technician who will be in front of you will have only one answer to give you: NO, and that’s not for you!

Applying false nails before the age of 16 is strongly discouraged. Because the application of false nails can cause irreparable and irreversible damage to the matrix of your nails, that is to say the part located under the skin of your nails, which produces keratin and ensures the proper growth of your nails. your fingernails. Before the age of 16, this matrix has not yet fully matured and is therefore very thin and fragile. Damaging his matrix at this stage of his life is therefore ruining the growth and health of his nails forever.

Therefore, teens under the age of 16 cannot wear fake nails, no matter what form it is. But gentle manicure sets can be used to pamper and care for their nails.

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