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What criteria to choose your semi-transparent varnish?

Before choosing your semi-permanent varnish, it is still necessary to respect certain criteria. Do you know what criteria are there? In this blog, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the answer. Read on! The formulation of the varnish Check if the product doesn’t contain harmful agents or allergens. Also make sure of the quality of the varnish by checking the quantity of the solvent that composes it. The brand

What are the benefits of acrygel?

Acrygel is one of the flagship products in manicure to ensure the beauty of hands and feet. Do you know what are the benefits of acrygel? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you answers. Let’s go around! Its biggest advantage is its long-lasting hold, which can go from 3 to 4 weeks depending on the maintenance of the nails. If you don’t use your fingers for rough tasks, the nails

Nail art: mustache and bow tie

Today, your nail supply expert Maryton offers you a mustache and bow tie nail art tutorial. Keep reading! The steps to make this mustache and bow tie decoration: File, remove shine with a buffing block and remove filing powder with a brush. Apply base coat. Apply 2 coats of a colored varnish. Using the dotting tool and black varnish, make 2 dots glued to each other, then stretch the ends of each

Mirror powder varnish and stamping

Have you also succumbed to mirror powder? This powder that allows your nails to reflect light like a mirror. It comes in several colors, most often gold, silver and gives the effect of a chic and refined nail. The material for a pose with gel varnish: Gel base coat Black gel polish Gel top coat Silver mirror powder Stamping plate Steps for applying mirror powder: Apply base coat to all

Tips for wearing false nails

Despite the aesthetic character that false nails offer your hands, we must not forget that in the long term, they “suffocate” your real nails. For this, it is recommended to take breaks between certain sessions to allow the nail to breathe and harden naturally. Professionals recommend a month break for 3 months of false nails. Also, it is strictly inadvisable to remove false nails alone. This could leave unsightly marks and above

Home manicure in practice

Stop prejudices: affordable prices Contrary to what some may believe, home manicures aren’t overpriced. In fact, if you opt for a home manicure, you won’t have to travel or pay for public transportation. Finally, the manicure performed by a professional lasts longer: no need to make an appointment every week. Full support for your hands Home manicure is not just about applying varnish. Many treatments will be given to your hands

What is the minimum age to wear false nails?

If there is a part of the population for which false nails are not recommended, it is teenagers (under 16). Indeed, if you decide to go to an institute to ask to have false nails applied, the nail technician who will be in front of you will have only one answer to give you: NO, and that’s not for you! Applying false nails before the age of 16 is strongly

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