False nails

How to remove false gel nails?

The natural plate of the nail being fragile, it is imperative to try to remove the gel without damaging it. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to remove false gel nails in this article. In fact, you will have 2 other options available to you: remove the gel with a nail file or a nail drill. Nail file method Sand your nails with a coarse file, then with a soft

What are the advantages of applying false nails?

For an aesthetic reason, to cover damaged nails or to lengthen your nails, you plan to put on false nails. Is it a good idea to opt for false nails? In this article, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you what are the advantages of applying false nails. Indeed, for women, it is very important to have a perfect hand with healthy and well-groomed nails. False nails provide them with this

Tips for wearing false nails

Despite the aesthetic character that false nails offer your hands, we must not forget that in the long term, they “suffocate” your real nails. For this, it is recommended to take breaks between certain sessions to allow the nail to breathe and harden naturally. Professionals recommend a month break for 3 months of false nails. Also, it is strictly inadvisable to remove false nails alone. This could leave unsightly marks and above

What is the minimum age to wear false nails?

If there is a part of the population for which false nails are not recommended, it is teenagers (under 16). Indeed, if you decide to go to an institute to ask to have false nails applied, the nail technician who will be in front of you will have only one answer to give you: NO, and that’s not for you! Applying false nails before the age of 16 is strongly