Tips for fight against dry hands in winter

With the temperature drops, winter seems to be on its way. Do you know how to care for your hands? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you all the tips for finding healthy and soft hands.

Don’t forget to wear gloves!

Protect your hands during the winter by investing in a pair of gloves. This is advice to follow even at home, making sure to wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or when using chemical cleaners.

Don’t neglect your cuticles

Your cuticles and nails are also very sensitive to the cold, so it is advisable to massage them once a day with oils to hydrate them.

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Moisturize hands regularly

Your hands and nails need to be treated at the first signs of dryness. Cracks and cracks that are too large can be difficult to heal if you wait too long. Don’t hesitate to moisturize your hands regularly.

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