My current trend varnish

My current trendy varnish, powder varnish, which is applied by dipping the fingers in the powder. It would last longer without flaking and would come off more easily. It almost seems like a miracle, right? Keep reading!

Metallic varnish remains very trendy. I prefer the silver, but the gold is beautiful too. Although the black, purple and deep blue gradients remain my favorites. Indeed, dark colors have more textures and depth.

The colored manicure, it is called all over the world, the French manicure. It resurfaces but in an original way. You know the white line at the end of the nail that made the reputation of the French manicure, and well we put it aside. And we apply colors like red, yellow, blue or more original like metallic colors.

The trendy coral color varnish this summer. This color is easy to wear and highlights tanned hands! Almond-shaped nails for a chic effect on long nails. Besides, it looks prettier on long nails. And very trendy the shape of the orbit nail. Well-groomed cuticles and a line of color that goes around the nail, very trendy!

In addition to these mentioned above, I also like to care for my nails with manicure set to keep them neat and beautiful. If you don’t have any manicure supplies, have a small visit is essential on our store.

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