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How to Remove Semi-permanent Nail Polish?

The process of removing the semi-permanent nail polish is very simple. Thanks to the oils applied to protect the cuticles of the nail, this will not damage it during the process of removing the semi-permanent manicure. First, pure acetone will be applied to a cotton ball and placed on the nail. On top it is necessary to wrap the tip of the finger in foil and leave for a quarter of

How to apply semi-permanent nail polish?

Semi-permanent varnishes are methacrylate-based varnishes that catalyze like UV gels. We are therefore going to tell you how to apply a semi-permanent varnish in this blog. Step 1: Preparation First, push back the cuticles using wooden sticks, then take your nail file and file your nail carefully. Then, using the buffing block, buff your nail until the shiny layer no longer appears. And finally, apply the primer directly to the nail. Step 2:

The equipment for a home manicure

Nothing like a good manicure to restore shine to your nails, to allow them to grow properly. You know it well, the manicure remains the basic care to bring to your nails to obtain neat and elegant hands! How to make a homemade manicure? Keep reading! To perform your manicure yourself, you will need: mild remover and woven cotton emollient nail file cuticle pusher polisher moisturizer and cuticle oil base

5 ways to remove fake nails without acetone

Don’t want to use acetone to remove your capsule false nails? Do you know how to remove false nails without acetone? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you some alternative acetone-free methods for removing false nails. Sand false nails To remove capsule false nails, it is possible to file the nails with an electric sander. It will then be necessary to file until a very thin layer of

Grow your nails faster: 3 pro tips

You dream of having beautiful nails, both long and solid. But, your nails don’t grow, or they grow only very slowly. So, how to accelerate nail growth naturally? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you 3 pro tips to achieve this! Tip 1: adopt a special diet for strong nails Diet plays a crucial role in the health, appearance and growth of your nails. Choose foods rich

How to remove your semi-permanent varnish?

Semi-permanent varnish is easy to use and can last for two weeks. But inevitably, your nails grow back, and whitish spots appear at the base of the nail. It’s time to remove your semi-permanent varnish. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you 2 steps that will allow you to remove your semi-permanent varnish. Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials To remove your semi-permanent varnish, you will need: Nail polish remover with acetone,

My current trend varnish

My current trendy varnish, powder varnish, which is applied by dipping the fingers in the powder. It would last longer without flaking and would come off more easily. It almost seems like a miracle, right? Keep reading! Metallic varnish remains very trendy. I prefer the silver, but the gold is beautiful too. Although the black, purple and deep blue gradients remain my favorites. Indeed, dark colors have more textures and depth.