What manicure for my evening?

French revisited, glamorous, golden detail or graphic effect… discover how to achieve these festive nail arts. Just keep reading!

Metallic gray for a revisited French

Apply two coats of gray varnish, followed by a coat of glossy top coat over the entire nail. Before the latter dries, tap a glitter powder on the tip and sides of the nail.

Shimmering red for glamor

Apply two coats of red hairspray and one coat of glitter top coat. The trick: apply the glitter without waiting for the red to dry, touching the nail from the lunula to the tip.

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Lacquered black for a golden detail

Apply two coats of black varnish then use dotting tools to make the small dots. To create neat circles, apply very light pressure by placing the accessory vertically to the nail.

Chic taupe for a graphic effect

Place a strip of masking tape on the diagonal of the nail. Place two coats of brown varnish on the part to be colored. Gently peel off the strip before the varnish dries, then wait about 15 minutes before applying the top coat.

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