Nail art

The nail art trends you can't miss

Nail art and nail decoration evolve over time. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the nail art trends you can’t miss in this article. Two-tone French manicure In reality, the reverse French consists of drawing the white smile of the French manicure at the top of the nail and not at the bottom as in a classic French manicure. The flip manicure It is a technique which consists in

Do color polishes cause infertility?

There is some evidence that colored polishes may cause infertility. However, not all polishes are harmful. Before panicking and throwing the mass of varnish out the window, read their composition. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you. In fact, the color polish that causes infertility mainly contains 3 kinds of harmful substances: formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. They are resins used to help harden and evaporate liquids, and are a

Nail art: mustache and bow tie

Today, your nail supply expert Maryton offers you a mustache and bow tie nail art tutorial. Keep reading! The steps to make this mustache and bow tie decoration: File, remove shine with a buffing block and remove filing powder with a brush. Apply base coat. Apply 2 coats of a colored varnish. Using the dotting tool and black varnish, make 2 dots glued to each other, then stretch the ends of each

Baby boomer: the 2022 french manicure for the nails

New darling of nail art enthusiasts, the baby boomer promises you a manicure that is both elegant and soberly original. Curious to know more? This new technique offers a refined gradient to our nails, from pink to white, like a delicate tie and dye that we never tire of. To highlight this gradient, it will of course be preferable to make a baby boomer on rather long nails, even very long,

Manicure ideas for celebrate Valentine's Day

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love. To celebrate the feast of love, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you some nail art ideas in this blog. Nail art inspirations for lovers of love If you love Valentine’s Day and want to wear a themed manicure, you’ll love these pretty love to love nail art there to tell the world that for you love is

The 3 nail art on the catwalk for spring

The beauty of the hands must imperatively go through the care of the nails. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you some ideas. The first step for perfect nails and successful spring nail art is to take care of your cuticles. For a good finish on your nail art and to facilitate the application of nail polish, you will need to remove the cuticles. You can use cuticle

How do I prepare my feet for summer?

It’s no secret that our feet are neglected during the winter, they are locked in shoes and boots and they never see the light of day. As the temperature rises, the time has come to take care of them.How do I prepare my feet for summer? What are the steps to follow to have well cared for feet? The Maryton nail supply will tell you some useful tips for your feet.

Continuous line, an arty and trendy manicure for our nails

The continuous line? This is a technique that consists of making a clean drawing, in a single line! And for several seasons, the style has been displayed everywhere: on decorative posters, dishes, wallpaper… We adopt the trend in beauty by displaying it on our nails! Keep reading! The continuous line to the end of the nails To opt for this manicure, all you need is a black varnish … and

What manicure for my evening?

French revisited, glamorous, golden detail or graphic effect… discover how to achieve these festive nail arts. Just keep reading! Metallic gray for a revisited French Apply two coats of gray varnish, followed by a coat of glossy top coat over the entire nail. Before the latter dries, tap a glitter powder on the tip and sides of the nail. Shimmering red for glamor Apply two coats of red hairspray and one