The 3 nail art on the catwalk for spring

The beauty of the hands must imperatively go through the care of the nails. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you some ideas.

The first step for perfect nails and successful spring nail art is to take care of your cuticles. For a good finish on your nail art and to facilitate the application of nail polish, you will need to remove the cuticles. You can use cuticle nippers or a cuticle cutter for this. It is advisable to apply a cuticle oil after removing them.

Once the cuticles have been removed, you will now need to level your nails. You can use a nail clipper or a pair of scissors. Cut your nails to the same length and use a nail file for more precision. The last step is to give a shape to your nails, you can leave them straight or round them according to your tastes.

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Top 3 nail arts for spring

The French manicure revisited

This spring, it is advisable to opt for a rather curved line with trendy colors this season. You can make a french manicure with blue, green, vibrant pink etc. The base will always remain neutral. This is a perfect nail art!

Flowery nails

This spring, flowery nails are very trendy! To achieve this nail art, you will have to start by applying a neutral or nude base. Then, using a fine brush, draw small flowers. This nail art is very original, but can also be simple, for this the flowers should only be on one nail.

Mismatched nails

You can wear one color on each nail. This is a very original nail art, you can for example create a color gradient on your nails, and even wear decorations. Some nails may even have a pearl or pearl finish.

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