Ridged nails: care and treatment

Pamper, file, varnish, massage,…everything is good for taking care of our hands. But what should you do when unsightly lines appear and ruin the shape of your nails? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to care for ridged nails. Keep reading!


Treat your hands with a hand cream insisting a few more seconds to penetrate the care on the nails and cuticles. This will strengthen them and help diminish the unsightly appearance of the ridges.

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Do some polishing

If you don’t take care of tattooed nails quickly, they can crack or split. Therefore, nothing is more important than polishing! If you don’t have a buffing block, then go take a look at our website.

100% natural homemade care

Mix lemon with olive oil and massage your nails and cuticles. Repeat the operation several times a month. You will see that your nails will come out stronger and the streaks will start to fade little by little.

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