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Brittle and damaged nails: strengthen your nails with vegetable oils

Brittle, damaged, splitting nails make life difficult for us and it is difficult to obtain pretty manicures with weakened nails. This is where vegetable oils come into play! Nourishing, hydrating, repairing and strengthening, they care for our nails and help keep them in excellent health. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you 4 vegetable oils which are real allies for our nails. Castor oil : Well known

Why invest in a nail drill machine?

Investing in a nail drill is a great decision for several reasons. First, an electric nail drill makes it easier to achieve professional-quality manicures and pedicures. The time and efficiency savings it offers compared to traditional files are considerable. Second, electric nail drill models, such as those offered by Maryton, often offer an adjustable rotation speed, which allows them to be adapted to the needs of each user and different types of nails.

Short nails: how to highlight them?

Just because you have short or very short nails doesn’t mean you shouldn’t highlight them. They don’t hinder our lifestyle, are less prone to being broken, and can be really super cute! In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you some tips and tricks to show off your hands. The round/oval nail This is the shape to adopt on short nails. TO DO: File the nails from the edges to the center

How to remove your nail polish?

To remove your semi-permanent nail polish like a professional, here are a few steps to follow: Sand your nails lightly with an electric nail drill to remove the top coat and allow the remover to penetrate the color layer(s). Two options are available to you: – Cut out small squares of cellulose beforehand; soak them in remover and hold it all around your fingers for about 15 minutes. – Get

The benefits of foot bath

The foot bath has been practiced since antiquity. It then has sanitary, ritual or symbolic virtues. More recently, the foot bath is indicated to fight against the contagion of certain infections. It is then a mandatory passage to enter decontaminated areas. The foot bath gives you all the attention your feet deserve. It allows in particular: to relax improve blood circulation to fight against inflammatory or venous pain reduce the

Methods to Find A Ideal Hearing Aids

Since all human beings are different, the same goes for hearing loss. This is why hearing aids that are suitable for everyone do not exist. However, it is possible to find, with the help of a hearing care professional, a new hearing aids that perfectly meets everyone’s needs. Below you will find out what the process of purchasing a hearing aid may look like and the points you need to