Brittle and damaged nails: strengthen your nails with vegetable oils

Brittle, damaged, splitting nails make life difficult for us and it is difficult to obtain pretty manicures with weakened nails. This is where vegetable oils come into play! Nourishing, hydrating, repairing and strengthening, they care for our nails and help keep them in excellent health. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you 4 vegetable oils which are real allies for our nails.

Castor oil :

Well known for promoting the growth of nails, castor oil is a rather thick and penetrating oil. Rich in fatty acids, castor oil is a nourishing and strengthening vegetable oil.

Coconut oil:

Considered to be one of the most penetrating vegetable oils. Rich in saturated fats, coconut oil deeply hydrates. In addition, it is antibacterial, which prevents you from all types of infections.

Olive oil :

With its moisturizing and strengthening properties, olive oil is ideal for obtaining and maintaining healthy and strong nails.

Sweet almond oil:

It has the properties of making nails less brittle and strengthening them naturally. Apart from the oils mentioned, you can also opt for jojoba, grapeseed, avocado or even argan oil.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to care for your nails.

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