My varnish, more beautiful, longer

In summer, coloring your nails is obvious. But how to keep your varnish more than 3 days? Tips from our Maryton nail supply.

Prepare the terrain

The little streaks on the nails are like a wall that has not been sanded and it makes the varnish leak. To erase these imperfections, smooth the surface with a polishing block once a week.

Never without my base

It allows a uniform application of the color, prolongs its hold and protects the surface of the nail from the pigments of the varnishes. They will be 100% safe.

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SOS stained nails?

Stained and yellowed nails may be due to pigment deposits from cigarette smoking or dark nail polish. The easiest way to remove these stains is to always apply a protective nail polish base before your usual polish.

The ideal nail polish

When you want it to last, you have to rely on gel formulas: they last at least a week. We put a very thin first layer and a second, thicker one, which makes the color pop.

The top coat: the final touch of the manicure

This is the essential finish so that the varnish can withstand shocks, water and sand blocks. Apply a finishing coat, then one every two days. For maximum protection, do not forget to cover the end of the nail, a rather exposed area.

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