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The materials you'll need to remove semi-permanent nail polish alone

Just like the installation, the removal of semi-permanent varnish can very well be done alone at home. You just need to have quality equipment and take the time to do things right. Try not to jump in unexpectedly and learn about the best techniques for removing semi-permanent varnish without damaging your nails. To carry out your semi-permanent varnish removal at home, you will need the following equipment: 1. An electric

5 ways to remove fake nails without acetone

Don’t want to use acetone to remove your capsule false nails? Do you know how to remove false nails without acetone? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you some alternative acetone-free methods for removing false nails. Sand false nails To remove capsule false nails, it is possible to file the nails with an electric sander. It will then be necessary to file until a very thin layer of

How to treat ridged nails?

To treat ridged nails, you must first identify the cause. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you how to treat ridged nails. If deficiencies are the cause of your ridged nails, a course of B vitamins, iron or even zinc will allow you to treat the ridges. Choose food supplements that will have a more immediate effect than a simple change in diet. Feeding and moisturizing your nails will

Forget gel nails, BIAB is the new trend for neat nails

In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you what BIAB nails are, what are the benefits of BIAB and why BIAB is better than gel polish. What is BIAB? BIAB stands for Builder in A Bottle. This is a builder gel that peels off and is just as strong as acrylic. With BIAB you can lengthen or repair your nails yourself. BIAB is stronger than gel polish and is therefore

Grow your nails faster: 3 pro tips

You dream of having beautiful nails, both long and solid. But, your nails don’t grow, or they grow only very slowly. So, how to accelerate nail growth naturally? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you 3 pro tips to achieve this! Tip 1: adopt a special diet for strong nails Diet plays a crucial role in the health, appearance and growth of your nails. Choose foods rich

How to strengthen your nails?

We all want to put an end to brittle and weakened nails! But, how to fortify your nails durably? Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you some solutions at your fingertips to have strong and shiny nails permanently. Why do nails become brittle? Nails are made up of layers of hard keratin that can become weakened over time. The factors that have a negative impact are numerous: too frequent varnishing,

Why are my gel nails not holding?

You might have the same thing: the gel nails begin to fall off before 3 weeks of normal wear. Why are your gel nails not holding? Your expert nail supplier Maryton will bring you some tips for solutions! During gel nail application The manicurist has a whole routine to follow to avoid detachment: push the cuticles well and make sure there are none sticking to the nail, create adhesion on the nail

Pregnant, can I have gel nails?

During pregnancy, many products should be avoided to ensure the good health of the baby and its mother. Obviously, gel nails are not left out. Often decried, they are nevertheless safe for pregnant women. Discover all of our high quality service recommendations in Maryton nail supply and without any danger. Pregnancy: what consequences on the nails? When you are pregnant, your body produces certain hormones in large quantities. The production of estrogen has various

Help, my nails keep breaking!

Your nails often break. Why? Aggressive or too frequent manicure treatments, housework with excessively dosed detergents … There are many factors responsible for the alteration of our nails. Sometimes, their fragility is due to a deficiency in iron, vitamins D, C or group B. Certain medications can also cause dry skin and nails. What should you do? Don’t worry! Keep reading on. How do I make my nails stronger? In