Pregnant, can I have gel nails?

During pregnancy, many products should be avoided to ensure the good health of the baby and its mother. Obviously, gel nails are not left out. Often decried, they are nevertheless safe for pregnant women. Discover all of our high quality service recommendations in Maryton nail supply and without any danger.

Pregnancy: what consequences on the nails?

When you are pregnant, your body produces certain hormones in large quantities. The production of estrogen has various consequences on the female body. By accelerating the production of keratin and sebum, they also contribute to the good health of your hair and your nails, which will then be likely to grow faster. To conclude, your nails will certainly prove to be stronger and healthier during your pregnancy.

Gel nails: a safe nail technique

The gel false nails are absolutely no danger to your baby. However, some of the products used to make a gel manicure release vapors that can be harmful if inhaled for a long time. For a safe gel nail application, you will therefore need to call on a competent and professional nail technician, while respecting a few basic principles.

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Applying false nails during pregnancy: what health and safety rules?

The first rule to follow is to inform your nail technician of your condition, which will allow him to adapt his service. If you use a nail technician at home, you will also have to choose the optimal place of service. It must be well ventilated and/or ventilated, clean and bright. Finally, your pregnancy may make you more sensitive to the odors. In case of nausea, tell your nail technician without delay.

OK! Now that you have known gel nails are a safe nail technique, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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