Nail beauty tools

The different pliers for doing nails

A nail technician must have very specific equipment, including pliers. In fact, there are a multitude of them on the market and it can be difficult to navigate. The nail supply expert Maryton gives you a quick summary of the essential pliers for making impeccable false nails. Guillotine pliers This accessory allows the capsules to be cut to the right length without splitting them when applying false nails, so it is

What is a fingernail drill bit?

For many nail technicians, the electric nail drills can replace ordinary files. And the nail drill Bits are the most important component of a nail drill, without which it is impossible to use the nail drill. The nail drill bit is applied to the handle of a nail drill machine, which allows you to easily and effortlessly perform many stages of the manicure. Consider lifting your cuticles, removing them, removing excess skin and