Manicure equipment

How to buy the right electric nail file?

Not all electric nail files are of good quality. Do you know how to choose the right electric nail file? Today, this article will give some tips for buying the right electric nail file. Just keep reading! Choose a low vibration nail file Most of the time, you will be using your electric nail file for an extended period of time. You want to be sure the bits are running smoothly without vibrating.

Types of nail drill bits

There are several types of bits for professional nail drills on the market. Each tip has the function of removing material from the nail, whether chemical (gel, resin, acrygel) or organic (calluses, cuticles, skin). Today, this article will reveal the types of nail drill bits. Just keep reading! Depending on the case of the nails, there have several different bits which are: 1. The conical bit, which makes it easy to remove

The materials you'll need to remove semi-permanent nail polish alone

Just like the installation, the removal of semi-permanent varnish can very well be done alone at home. You just need to have quality equipment and take the time to do things right. Try not to jump in unexpectedly and learn about the best techniques for removing semi-permanent varnish without damaging your nails. To carry out your semi-permanent varnish removal at home, you will need the following equipment: 1. An electric

The equipment for a home manicure

Nothing like a good manicure to restore shine to your nails, to allow them to grow properly. You know it well, the manicure remains the basic care to bring to your nails to obtain neat and elegant hands! How to make a homemade manicure? Keep reading! To perform your manicure yourself, you will need: mild remover and woven cotton emollient nail file cuticle pusher polisher moisturizer and cuticle oil base