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Pamu Slide Plus: The Battle of Cheap Segment Sports Headphones

When it comes to sports headphones, people think of Bose, Jabra or Beat with sporty headphones with rugged design and water resistance, and the price also makes those who want to buy also have to “run”. . So today we try to compare a pretty strange sports headset model is Pamu Slide Plus with other two true wireless headphones Bose SoundSport Free and Jabra Elite Active 65t. The Pamu Slie

Hybrid Wireless Earphone PaMu Slide Combines the Advantages of Wired and Wireless Earphones

PaMu Slide is a Bluetooth wireless earphone that combines Padmate’s advanced technology and Qualcomm’s technology aiming for the world’s best branding in the audio industry . The U.S. global crowdfunding service Indiegogo recorded a fundraising fund of $ 629 million (approximately KRW 7.8 billion) in 2019, and more than doubled its previous record in the sound / earphone category to become No. 1 globally . PaMu, which won first place

PaMu Slide: AirPods Killer with Wireless Charging Case for 60 Hours of Battery

Hey guys, these are the new pamu slide earbuds and like a lot of products nowadays, these started out as an idea on the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo where they quickly raised almost 4.1 million dollars which was about twenty thousand percent of their twenty thousand dollar goal. The company behind the earbuds padmate has now began shipping the products to backers which is great to see and the product they

Pamu Slide: Review and Price on Indiegogo

The indecision in choosing the wireless headphones to buy is a dilemma that unites everyone a bit in this last period. There are so many models in circulation, there are those who would like to buy Apple’s Airpods and there are those who are looking for their clone, there are those who do not prefer their shape and would like to take a completely in-ear pair and without long bar.

PaMu Slide: AirPods Killer with Wireless Charging Case for 60 Hours of Battery

In the market,  a classical headphone devices are getting less and less, which leads consumers to the wireless Bluetooth headphones. However, finding good-quality headphones, which offer great sound and do not cost a fortune, is a difficult matter. But now we have PaMu Slide from Padmate, a company that compete with Apple’s AirPods! The company has released three handsets through crowdfunding campaign to date. The campaigns of the first two

PaMu Slide Review: #1 TWS Earphones is Back

In the increasingly fierce panorama of true wireless headphones, we talked about Pamu Scroll, a project that received much success (more than 4 million dollars) on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform on which the new Pamu Slide is now debuting. Padmate returns to the forefront in this market segment, trying to raise the bar even further. Will it succeed? Unboxing Nothing is particular in the Pamu Slide box. Inside we found