True Wireless Padmate Headset Pamu X13

In the current technological era, everything is booming, wireless headphones are increasingly dominant in the accessories market. Understanding that, Padmate has produced a wireless headset with outstanding advantages, which is the Padmate Pamu X13 bluetooth headset.

The outside of the Padmate Pamu X13 headset is simple boxed but still doesn’t lose certainty and safety. The image of the headset is printed on the outside, inside the box including the headset, the night ears and the charger cord. Everything is designed not too picky enough for users to experience the best sound.

The design of the headset is very unique and extremely handy for users. Weighing 6.5g for this wireless headset, you’ll easily take it anywhere without being entangled. The Padmate Pamu X13 has a larger design than other True wireless headphones and the part that fixes the headset is the tube.

The faceplate is quite big with nice decorative lines and is the place to take care of the basic functions of a headset. Along with that, the charging dock is designed to be quite large, but the Padmate is extremely soft beveled edge to bring the easiest and most comfortable for users to use. And finally, the lid has a mechanism to open and rotate easily to operate quickly when needed very convenient.

Talking about the durability of this True wireless Padmate Pamu X13 headset, it is impossible not to mention the advanced IPX5 waterproof, dustproof standard, which helps you to be comfortable without any problems. Along with that, the headset is also equipped with 98dB sensitivity and a very good 20kHz frequency range.

The headset uses Bluetooth V4.2 technology and touch control to control the operation easily and quickly with one-touch operations to play / pausec or receive calls very conveniently.

With the Ear-tip design on the True wireless headset, it brings a whole new sound experience. Possessing a sound with 2 Diver 10mm that brings deep bass but still crisp, vivid stereo and extremely true, helping you comfortably listen to music and entertainment with a high quality anytime, anywhere.

Battery life is always concerned about wireless headsets. With a capacity of 470 mAh, along with the charging dock will provide 12 to 14 hours of continuous use, bringing convenience and comfort during training and entertainment.

Owning a wireless headset is no longer a problem for users. Currently Moldac Tech is selling Padmate Pamu X13 wireless headphones with a very preferential price and a 12-month warranty that will satisfy all the wishes of customers.