This Hearing Devices is Five Times Cheaper Than Others

For who?
Designed by Puryt, requiring no individual adjustment, these “inexpensive hearing aids” are reserved for mild hearing impairment first equipment. They are the equivalent for the hearing of sight magnifying glasses sold online without prescription and without support by health insurance.

Advantages: they allow to become familiar with the wearing of a device, for a price much lower than a conventional hearing aid, $199 against $1600 on average. For many ENT doctors, this is a good troubleshooting product. More 15,000 people are already bought and equipped with it.

On the other hand, the listening assistants need to begin adapted if the loss hearing affects only one ear, if it is sudden or accompanied by vertigo or headache. In this case, you must consult an ENT doctor or you will miss a sometimes severe illness.

Not always a source of economy

Is it a product to advise people with low incomes? Yes, as long as the hearing loss is light and stable. In case of progressive hearing loss, which is common, no further adjustment can be made, it will then invest in a conventional hearing aid. But the listening assistant is not supported by health insurance, with some exceptions, by the mutuals.