The True Wireless Headphones That Challenge the AirPods

The Padmate Pamu Slide are the new true wireless headphones designed specifically to go against the dominance of the Apple AirPods in the sector, but will they be so satisfying by requiring a total expenditure of around 60/70 euros after an incredible crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo?

The True Wireless Headphones That Challenge the AirPods

The first thing that catches the eye is definitely a case really cumbersome and size that you might not be able to almost take it in his pants pocket. Made entirely of plastic with the back cover in fabric, the horizontal sliding opening method gives the name to the caps ( slide = sliding ). The internal battery is, therefore, very capacious, well 2000mAh which should guarantee 5 total recharges of the Pamu Slide . A rather useless feature, however, concerns the possibility of transforming the case into a real one powerbank to be used for wireless charging; in fact, just press the rear button twice (next to the type-C for wall charging), rotate it 180 ° and place the smartphone that supports this type of charging on it. We consider it useless, as it still integrates a 2000mAh battery, nowadays all mobile devices are marketed with components of more than 3000mAh, how much can you recharge?

The Padmate Pamu Slide are to all intents and purposes true wireless headphones , therefore wireless, in perfect Apple AirPods style , unlike rivals, however, they are in-ear . The thickness is decidedly high, consequently if you have a very small ear you may struggle with positioning (pity that there are only 3 spare headphones in the package ); this feature can also be considered a point in favor of the same, as the ergonomic shape aims not to strain the ear, the coating silicone instead increases its friction and stability, limiting as much as possible the possibility of losing them while you are using them.

They are IPX6 certified , they are not waterproof for diving or in the pool, classic resistance to liquids, in other words if you listen to them in the rain you will not compromise their overall functioning.

The connection to the smartphone is very fast, takes place via bluetooth 5.0 , just remove them from the case to make them pair in a few seconds (it will not be necessary to turn them off, but reposition them inside the latter). Under the hood we find a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip , a truly performing component capable of supporting the APTX codec ; the consequence of such compatibility is good battery management and very low latencies.

The last two aspects are fundamental for wireless headphones , in particular they have shown perfect synchrony between audio / video in movie playback (also from left and right earphones), as well as an autonomy of even 10 hours of continuous playback (thinking that they can be recharged 5 times with the case, you can even reach a total of 50 hours ).

Controls & Audio

The audio quality is good, considering the type of product and the selling price; clearly they are not audiophile headphones , the deep bass is completely absent, the high frequencies are truncated , in a few words the Padmate Pamu Slide will operate with clear and detailed audio within a relatively narrow frequency range (without overdoing it, however satisfactory when compared with the many alternatives that we can find on Amazon).

The microphone is poor , all true wireless have the same problem, they cannot cancel the ambient noise. Consequently, the interlocutor will hear everything except your voice, unless of course you want to make calls from a closed and practically solitary environment (if you are looking for true wireless for this purpose, perhaps you have to point towards the Huawei Freebuds 3).

The controls are touch- sensitive on the cap itself, not on the small bar that goes down from the ear; the feed is good, as usual you will have to get used to the absence of a physical button , perhaps we have only noticed a slight difficulty with the “double tap”. The achievable combinations are as follows:

  • Left earpiece : single click – play / pause, double click – voice assistant, long click – volume down, if called – click accept or double click reject.
  • Right earpiece : single click – play / pause, double click – next track, long click – increase volume, if called – click answer or double click to decline.

We come to the final question, are the Padmate Pamu Slides really the killer Apple AirPods? the answer is obviously no , overall they are certainly excellent terminals (only if purchased for 60/70 euros) better than many other models on Amazon.


  1. Good ergonomics and stability in the ear, perhaps slightly large for those with relatively small ears.
  2. Super autonomy , 10 hours alone and 5 times recharged from the case make many users dream.
  3. IPX6 certification for protection against liquids, such as rain.
  4. Internal chip with APTX codec support .
  5. No lag or asynchrony in movie playback.
  6. Good quality audio and in line with the sale price of 60 euros, nothing to do with Apple AirPods or top of the range.


  1. Very large case , it is really difficult to carry it in the pants pocket.
  2. Tactile feed not always intuitive or very fast for reaching the basic commands.
  3. Poor microphone , it is practically impossible to think of calling.

Now, the padmate company had released a new generation of it’s wireless headphones, the mini versions of pamu slide name PaMu Slide Mini, you can compare these two versions on, and leave a comment below tell us which one is better.