The brilliant and natural trick to removing false nails (without nail polish remover!)

Going for false nails can be a good idea for those who have a hard time growing their nails, or for those who want to add extra charm to their fingers at a special event. False nails can be adjusted to suit individual tastes: they can be larger or smaller, rounded or square, adorned with rhinestones or minimalist … But, as everything is never pink, they can also sometimes be a problem: if not removed properly, they can end up damaging your natural nails underneath. But don’t panic: the good news is that it is possible to escape this problem by following a few tips, like those of a woman named Safiya (aka @saphsumar on Tik Tok). The young content creator has posted a video of an unusual technique, which allows you to remove acrylic false nails in no time (and safely).

Remove false nails with only 2 ingredients: it’s possible
Forget the nail polish remover, acetone, and nail file. The recipe proposed by Safiya requires only 2 ingredients: dishwashing liquid and vegetable oil. First step: fill a bowl with lukewarm water before adding a large amount of dishwashing liquid, then vegetable oil. Mix the ingredients, then soak your hands in this mixture for at least 5 minutes. Check the flexibility of your nails before plunging them back into the bowl, if necessary. After a few minutes, the false nails come off as if by magic! According to the young tiktokeuse, oil and dishwashing liquid are perfect allies for removing glue and acrylic from natural nails without damaging them. So, are you going to test this magic recipe?
Furthermore, some professional nail supplies will help you to have beautiful nails.

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