PaMu Scroll

Padmate PaMu Scroll: Wireless Headphones in a Chic Design

True wireless headphones already exist. The wireless version also has many advantages. The cases of the devices usually have an integrated battery and therefore have decent runtimes. The compact dimensions also play a big role. The PaMu Scroll headphones from Padmate are also stylistically flawless. Padmate’s success story started with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This literally went through the roof and became the most financed audio gear campaign on

TWS Headphones PaMu Scroll Review

In recent years, more and more different brands have launched wireless headsets on the market, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands. Among them, the price of PaMu Scroll true wireless Bluetooth headsets is only $75, which is more worth fo buying. We just have one on hand, let’s try it out of the box now and introduce you in detail. PaMu Scroll true wireless Bluetooth headset uses Qualcomm QCC3020

TWS Headphones PaMu Scroll Review

Padmate is the company that launched the true wireless Pamu Scroll earphones on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The campaign, which ended last November 12th, was a real success, with approximately 2 million 900 thousand euros of orders collected. Thanks to the first reviews and early feedback, the word about product quality quickly spread, also in relation to the really competitive starting price of $ 39. We bought them on November