Pamu Slide Mini – The Best Wireless Headphones with APTX

I use the first version of Pamu slide. The headphones are fantastic, they sound better than Funcl AI, which I also really liked. Apple airpods are relaxing (although fans might argue), they don’t even have such features. The Padmate team has worked with Qualcomm engineers to improve PaMu Slide’s performance. And such is the quality of the result, that we can proudly say that the chip in this headphones works better than the chip in AirPods.

Pamu Slide Mini - The Best Wireless Headphones with APTX

Already a legend, PaMu is returning with upgraded Slide headphones with new features. The PaMu Slide Mini is a well-proven Pamu slide T6W model, only with a reduced case. Universal, suitable for any phone, laptop, tablet with bluetooth. It’s an amazing product that will redefine Bluetooth headphones. Sound, convenience, connection stability, auto connection, water protection, the ability to switch tracks and volume control, battery life, support for the APTX codec, battery case, fast charging via USB Type-C, everything is at its best! Up to 10 hours battery life on a single charge. The supplied charging case with provides an additional 2 extra full charges for the accessory.

We saved all the elements that made PaMu successful, including:

  • Signal Stability
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Amazing levels of comfort
  • Long battery life
  • 30 hours battery life with charging case
  • 5 minutes of charging give 1 hour of battery life
  • It charges quickly and works for a long time.