PaMu Slide Mini for Every Personal Taste

The PaMu Slide true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headset launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogo last year, and received a crowdfunding amount of USD 5.95 million, more than 82,000 supporter from 156 countries, 4 new records had been made at the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms. It is one of the most anticipated Bluetooth headsets this year. So, what is the difference between PaMu Slide and the latest series PaMu Slide Mini? Let’s check it out together with this review post.

PaMu Slide Mini headphones are equipped with a newly developed 6mm dynamic coil speaker and a composite 6 micron diaphragm. It comes with a beautiful natural color and “sound” beauty. Through precise calculation of magnetic circuits and professional audio adjustment, it perfectly interprets the rich details of each frequency band and reaches the ultimate hearing. . Sensorial pleasure can bring us an excellent experience of quality life, visual beauty gives satisfaction to the appreciation of beauty, and auditory pleasant ear gives the climax of the soul in the skull.

PaMu Slide Mini TWS Headphones Promotion

The headset uses dual microphone noise reduction technology combined with CVC software algorithms to match engineering adjustments. It is equipped with dual microphone signal separation (DMSS) DSP processing technology, which can provide noise suppression of about 30 dB regardless of whether it is in a dynamic or stationary environment. The noise reduction curve accurately reflects the noise reduction efficiency in different ranges. Even in noisy environments such as stations, roads, shopping malls, etc., it can make the other party feel clear calls as in a quiet environment.

PaMu Slide Mini true wireless headphones use a simple design language to create a smooth and innovative experience, embodying its design essence with smooth lines. Blending the mystery of oriental culture and the tension of modern technology, showing the new modern style of the oriental, while combining the music attributes of hard core technology, with a concise style and perfect details, it creates a fashionable and avant-garde feel, that is, focusing on enjoying music, focusing on Living taste, focusing on health and fashion, more emphasis on function in design, integrity of structure and form, and more pursuit of the depth and accuracy of color, material, line and space expression, this should be the reason why it won two design awards.

PaMu Slide Mini: Smaller But Also Powerful

PaMu Slide Mini is available in 4 colors: Black, White, Green and Pink, each color is special enough to make people feel that they have found an exclusive headset that suits their personal taste.