Pamu Slide Both TWS Headphones and Power Bank

Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce the newest product from padmate pamu for everyone to know. It is “Pamu Slide.

That’s it. The shape of the headphones will be medium, whether you are someone with big or small ears, it can be worn comfortably. The specialty of this model is that it can be a power bank by wireless charging your device, just bring the mobile phone accessories to the case, it will be able to charge the battery immediately. For connectivity, it uses Bluetooth 5.0, supports Aptx, SBC, AAC, can be used for 10 hours and can charge with the case for 5 times for a total of 60 hours. It has IPX6 waterproof standards. Can be used for exercising. The functions can be Play / Pause, Volume Up / Down, Skip Music, Siri / Google Assistant.

PaMu Slide: AirPods Killer with Wireless Charging Case for 60 Hours of Battery

For the sound of the “Pamu Slide” is bass, impact, strong, fast, but not disturbing the other sounds in any way. Thick vocals are at the same level as musical pieces. The treble midrange gives the details of the music in a thick tone, comfortable listening. The tip of the pitch can be heard in a moderate distance, not bad. The sound stage is medium in various positions. The pieces of music will be next to each other, but without overlapping. Overall, it is suitable for songs that focus on rhythm, fun listening such as POP, Rock, Metal, EDM, Future Bass. But for casual music such as R&B, Vocal, Soul, it is equally good.

For “Pamu Slide” is another true best budget wireless earphones that can be used very easily. Listen for a long time and waterproof as well. For those who are interested in trying to listen to the sound, please come and try it at “Stable, Good Jet” all branches