Padmate’s PaMu Unique Earbuds Review

The Pamu Unique are the latest Padmate true-wireless headphones, similar in design to the Pamu Scroll, but with long autonomy and a high level of customization thanks to the interchangeable leather covers. We tried them for a few weeks.

Probably the name Padmate will not tell you much but, despite being on the market for just under two years, this company has almost twenty years of experience behind it as OEM / ODM of known brands such as Xiaomi, Intel, Microsoft, Huawei, LG, ZTE and many others. We know its products very well because we were among the first to discover them at a fair in China some time ago, which then became a regular appointment, and among the very few at an international level to be able to try them. So after the Pamu Slides , which have achieved some success in 2019, we are ready to tell you about the latest Pamu Unique .

Since the beginning, Padmate has accustomed us to well-kept devices and excellent value for money, features that we can undoubtedly recognize even in the new Pamu Unique. We have tested the latest Padmate earphones for three weeks and – after our test – we can confirm that they do not disappoint expectations , indeed they have even managed to surprise us. They are fantastic quality headphones, with Bluetooth 5.0, excellent autonomy and a very nice aesthetic.

We are talking about true wireless in ear earphones with Bluetooth 5.0 , which boast not only a beautiful design, but also an excellent sound quality and interesting performances in autonomy. The design recalls that of the Pamu Scroll, one of the company’s most iconic TWS earphone sets, but with a novelty: the cover is magnetically hooked and can be replaced for complete aesthetic customization.

Unlike the other models that preceded it, Pamu Unique did not use the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, but is already available online on the official Padmate website: it costs 199 dollars but in this period you can find it on offer for only 89 dollars with more than 50% discount, in two color variations or better patterns. Shipping is not free and costs $8, unless you add another product to your cart, thus exceeding the $ 90 threshold that will allow you to eliminate shipping costs.