Introduce of Indiegogo’s Top Selling TWS Headphones PaMu Slide

PaMu Slide headphones use Qualcomm’s flagship chip QCC3020, which has more powerful high-speed transmission efficiency. Built-in newly-developed 6mm dynamic coil speaker and composite 6 micron diaphragm, through the magnetic circuit precision calculation and professional audio adjustment, perfectly interpret the rich details of each frequency band.

The headset uses dual-microphone noise reduction technology combined with CVC software algorithms to match engineering adjustments. It is equipped with dual-microphone signal separation (DMSS) DSP processing technology, which can provide noise suppression of about 30 decibels, whether it is in a dynamic or stationary environment, even at stations. Noisy environments such as streets, roads, shopping malls, etc. can also make the other party feel clear calls as in a quiet environment.

Introduce of Indiegogo's Top Selling TWS Headphones PaMu Slide

PaMu Slide uses a nostalgic slider design, and with the industry’s first wireless charging output charging function, it can provide emergency charging guarantee for mobile phones. The portable charging case has a built-in 2000mA high-capacity battery to ensure that it meets the emergency needs of wireless charging. The “headphone + charging treasure” two-in-one function brings a new benchmark in the industry, which can reduce the pressure on life and reduce the burden on travel.

Introduce of Indiegogo's Top Selling TWS Headphones PaMu Slide

The low power consumption of Qualcomm QCC3020 chip reduces the power consumption of PaMu Slide to 6mA. The headset can be used for about 10 hours when fully charged. With the charging box, it can support 5 recharges. It can achieve a long battery life of 60 hours and a standby time of about 45 days. .

In appearance, the design is simple, and the characteristics of elastic fabric / leather are used cleverly. The integrated indicator light and laser process are used to hide the exposed indicator light. It also won the 2019 Golden Dot Design Award in Taiwan and the 2019 K-Design Design Award in South Korea. It offers three colors of black, white, and green.

And, recently, the new PaMu versions PaMu Slide Mini had launched, it is a updated version of PaMu Slide, come in smaller design. The team updated the inadequacy of the previous PaMu, smaller but still powerful.