History of Nail Reconstruction

The history of nail reconstruction began during the 1940s with the first Hollywood divas: everyone remembers the impeccable red lacquered nails of Marylin Monroe or Rita Hayworth. According to some rumors, it seems that a sort of full size ceramic tip created specifically for her was used for Marilyn.

It is around the mid-80s that the history of nail reconstruction evolves very quickly thanks to the development of methods based on materials that come from the world of orthodontics. In the history of nail polish this is the moment when the hands become an expression of male desire and a weapon of true seduction.

In the 90s the nail passion has a boom that marks a real new beginning made of excesses and memorable innovations.

In the United States, Mr. Jeff Pink gives birth to a fashion that will mark the history of nail polish, a timeless method: the French manicure.

It is precisely with the French, an expression of the first forms of nail art suitable essentially for all, that even in Italy women begin to approach the passion for the world of nails.

History of nail polish: from the 90s onwards

Towards the end of the 90s, more and more companies connected to the world of nail reconstruction develop and technology makes itself available for research. Numerous innovations are born in the nail art sector and the world of aesthetics.

In the first half of the 2000s, the branch was consecrated with the inclusion of the Nails World pavilion within the infamous Cosmoprof fair.

From that moment on in the history of nail polish there will be an intense flourishing of products and training courses of all kinds. At first unchallenged domination of the US market the methods of the “Russian school” increasingly appear.

Towards the end of the first decade of 2000 the great technological innovations arrive that will change the market and will decree the definitive consolidation of the sector in all beauty centers. The first nail centers are born that deal with nail design, nail reconstruction and semi-permanent gel.

Today the Nails sector with its products is at the center of a millionaire industry that continuously churns out new trends connected to the trend of fashions and the dictates of stylists and sector experts. Brands such as Maryton brought manicure and pedicure set into vogue and made it a fashionable must have for all women of all ages.

And you, when did you become passionate about the world of nails?

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