“Biab” nails: discover this new hot manicure technique

A hot manicure that strengthens the nails? It’s possible with “Biab” nails! We tell you everything about this incredible new manicure technique. Keep reading!

Having beautiful nails that don’t break is no mean feat. If some lucky ones have them naturally and therefore opt for a simple manicure with varnish, this is not the case for everyone! Fortunately, many false nail techniques exist, to be done at home or in an institute. If gel nails are popular, a new manicure technique is starting to gain ground: “biab” nails.

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“Biab” nails: what are they?

Manicure that lasts and protects your natural nails, here are the promises of “biab” nails. The technique involves using an absorbent gel, which is harder than regular gel polish. By layering it, it helps form “a reinforcing barrier for the natural nails.

This manicure results in smooth, well-shaped nails with a natural nude tint. With a lifespan of at least 4 weeks, this manicure technique promises to seduce more than one. In addition, once the nails have grown, it is possible to do a filling session in an institute, so as not to have to remove everything and start all over again.

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Who is the “biab” nail technique for?

This technique is ideal for people who have fragile nails but who still want to adopt a trendy and hot manicure, without damaging them. It is also perfect for people who want to benefit from the advantages of false nails.


How to apply “biab” nails?

To apply “biab” nails, you will have to go to an institute. After preparing your nails, a base will be applied and then partially dried. Then the “Biab” gel will be applied and sculpted from the cuticle to the sides and the edge of the nail, then dried. As a finish, a layer of color can be applied, depending on the client’s choice.

On the removal side, file the product with a classic or electric nail file, then soak a cotton pad with acetone and place it on the nails. Then, gently scrape the product with a cuticle pusher and moisturize the nails.

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