Best Makeup Palette: Must Haves of the Moment

Find our selection of palettes for the eyes, the complexion or the contouring for a perfect makeup. If it is an article that is generally found in the bathrooms of all women, it is the makeup palette! Even those who do not consider themselves addicted to make-up have at least one, just to sublimate their eyes for a night, or put a hint of blush to enhance their complexion. Except that, when one is not expert in the matter, it is not always easy thing to find the adapted makeup palette.

There is makeup palette and makeup palette. Here, with this model of women’s make-up palette 82 pieces, we are a little in the top of the range in terms of make-up. High-end quite accessible nevertheless, considering this very affordable price. Eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, lip contour or integrated mirror, double applicators, lip brushes … everything needed to make your make-up at home.

As long as it shines with this palette of ten bright eye shadows with warm and bright colors, ideal for women with blue and green eyes and matte skin. But the light skin will also find it with the colder and sober shades (gray and pink in particular), as well as the brown eyes which will appreciate the wide choice of possibilities that this palette offers. Bright eyeshadow for chic parties full of pep, but also mats for beauty more soberly.

These nine eye shades from the Mac cosmetics brand are presented in a convenient square case to carry and slip into your bag. These nine matte and glossy shades may be suitable for everyday use as for a more sophisticated makeup. Warmer colors, perfect for dark skin and cooler colors, such as pink or gray, ideal for fair skin.

An original makeup box full of pep that this palette of twelve eyeshadow brand Maybelline. “Lemonade Craze”, the sweet name given to the product, indeed gives the tone, and promises a surprising makeup in more than one way. The colors first, pop, sweet and hot; the holster, lemon yellow and the scent of make-up, lemony! To offer or to guard jealously for oneself, to choose!

A mini palette made up of nine “warm brown obsessions” eye shades from the Huda Beauty cosmetics brand. And a precious accessory to magnify his look. Warm colors (ocher, brown, beige), matt and shiny: in short, a palette of very high quality that tends to become more than just a makeup box, but a real object in its own right with its place in the room bath.