8 secrets for a perfect manicure

Everyone dreams of having the perfect nail art, but do you know how to do? Don’t worry, just follow our smart tips to have neat, impeccably polished and infinitely glamorous nails.

1.Get off to a good start

First, apply it on clean and degreased nails with alcohol at 70°C. Then apply a base, essential to prevent the pigments of the colored varnish from soaking into the nail and seeing it turn yellow.

2.Find the right nude

A natural tone, whether beige, brown or pink, is a safe bet when it comes to varnish, provided you choose the right shade. On light skin, prefer warm shades, softer. Dark skin can draw on the whole palette of nude tones.

3.Play with bright colors

If your hands are prone to redness, avoid bright reds. If you have visible veins, forget the intense blues, and all the shades containing a hint of blue like fuchsia. If you want a healthy glow effect, prefer warm tones.

4.Achieve a perfect pose

For the color of the varnish to be homogeneous, the application of two coats is essential. The first, serves as a primer. After a minute, apply the second coat, slightly thicker. Start from the center of the nail then apply the varnish on the sides.

5.Make the color last

A varnish that peels or jumps is often the result of a shock on the edge of the nail. Remember to apply your top coat also on this area to “seal” the color.

6.Protect the skin

If you have trouble applying your nail polish without overflowing, put a little moisturizer on the edges of the nail. The varnish won’t stain the skin.

7.Speed up drying

After applying your top coat, place a drying drop on each nail to boost the process. You can also run your nails under cold water, but only when the polish has already started to dry.

8.Prefer a mild solvent

To remove pigment without attacking the nail, say goodbye to acetone-based solvents. Prefer solvent oils or natural solvents based on biosourced ingredients.

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