5 simple nail art ideas

Do you want to make a great impression, with a manicure to be envied? Choose simple nail art, it will be the perfect solution to have flawless nails. Before you start your nail tour, please make sure you have the professional nail supplies. Let’s find out together the easiest and most beautiful Nail Art for you!

Before nail art: nude nails are always beautiful

Without a doubt, the most suitable nuance to create simple nail art is to use a semi-permanent nail polish with a light color … Nude. This color is suitable for any occasion, giving your hands or your customers a disarming elegance!

Second nail art: add precious details on simple nails also on court ones

Create your classic manicure, whether it’s semi-permanent or gel, it makes no difference. We are at the point where you put the top coat, the final sealant, do not degrease the nail and place where you want. put your decor a tip of Hard Builder Refill or Base Build; the latter will act as glue.

Third nail art: monochrome color for fast and beautiful nail art

Choosing to make nail art quick and easy doesn’t mean you have to give up color! Use one or more monochromatic colors of semi-permanent nail polish, it’s the easiest way to create a manicure in 8 … but what about in 5 minutes! If you don’t want to give up on the fashion of the moment, and the creation of simple nail art, the perfect idea is in the photo below.

Fourth nail art: simple decorations for nails with a super wow effect

Just add a touch of originality to your quick nail art, use special colors or create a simple but avant-garde design such as: the marble effect, for example, will guarantee you a thousand compliments.

Fifth nail art: try this fantastic texture

Make an unexpected choice, use with a matte finish or sugar effect powder! Small details that you give to the nails of your clients, or yours; with a unique look. Any manicure, with the right nail art, will make your work special and refined, without the slightest effort!

I hope this article has been useful and interesting.

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